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Take a step forward and walk into another dimension. A dimension where worlds converge and crossovers are created. All crossovers accepted-pairings, worlds, games, shows, books, etc.

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Jul 6, 2012


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Merry Shadisgustonetta!---Umbran Lovers concept by Zecrus-chan
Wicke and Shadow: Forever Lovers---UL concept by Zecrus-chan
Hatsune Marie Test by Konos-P
Hatsune Rose - The smile behind the Glass Wall by Konos-P
Necrosan: Undead Dragon by MasterofNintendo
A New Perspective on Things by MasterofNintendo
Never Trust Astaroth by MasterofNintendo
RT Arc 1: The Rise of Golus MAIN POSTER by MasterofNintendo
RT Ep. 12: Death Challenge by MasterofNintendo
RT Ep. 11: Breaking Out is Hard to Do by MasterofNintendo
RT Ep. 10: The Rise of Golus Pt. 5 by MasterofNintendo
RT Ep. 9: The Rise of Golus Pt. 4 by MasterofNintendo
Big Four - Trick or Treat by Marilia-Barbosa
Mericcup-gift by Marilia-Barbosa
Mericcup - Christmas Tree by Marilia-Barbosa
naruko dxd by michelous
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Danny meets Dipper by Marilia-Barbosa
TV Shows-2-FAN-FIC
#Jaffy----Umbran Lovers Concept by Zecrus-chan
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Pirate EnglandXReader-part 3
Excited, you eagerly open the door and rush into the Captain's quarters.
A familiar woman in her mid-thirties stood up instantly upon seeing you. She rushed forward and the both of you collided in a hug.
"I be so glad you survived the slaying of the Black Dahlia!" she admitted as she hugged you tightly before releasing you.
"And I be the same, Captain Elsi!" you replied, relieved to see your old captain and close friend alive and well.
"I take it you two know each other then?" questioned Captain Kirkland.
"Know each other? Why, _____ here was an extraordinary member of the Black Dahlia! A captain such as I could never have found anyone better than her in loyalty, bravery, and friendship!" replied Captain Elsi.
You felt a little uncomfortable from all the praise and a little embarrassed that Captain Kirkland was there to hear it.
"Then I guess I be lucky to have her aboard me ship, huh?" pointed out Captain Kirkland.
"Darn right, you can consider yourself lucky!" agreed Captain Elsi.
:iconxxshadowstorm18xx:XxShadowstorm18xX 27 13
Mature content
Love Is Not Lust, Oui? - Ch. 6 :iconraecarastase:RaeCarastase 25 79
Zenon Myst Studios :iconzenonmyst:Zenonmyst 34 4
Hetalia Crack 4
Canada, Russia, and Japan: *leaves talking about how they can't figure out how America and England stay together*
France: "Bonjur mon amis!"
AUSTRIA: "....." *freezes while putting popcorn in his mouth. Stares at France in horror*
GERMANY: "Oh great... my favorite guy to see..."
France: *spots England and walks over*
England: "Oh god. What the bloody hell are you doing here frog" *glares*
France: "What am I not allowed to see my favorite English man?"
England: "No!"
France: *Goes too close to England and wraps arms around the back, hands on Englands cest*
AUSTRIA: "...." O_O
GERMANY: "For crying out loud France! Can you not molest someone every time we see you?!"
AUSTRIA: *whispers to Germany* "France scares me..."
America: *walks in with two sodas, spots France and glares menincingly* *growls* "France!"
France: *becomes nervous* "H-hi America..." *laughs nervously*
America: *walks up and yanks England close to him before punching France*
France: *faints from how hard he was h
:iconxxannoyingxx:XxAnnoyingxX 6 5
GermanyxReader: Mein Engel Pt. 3
Seconds turn to minutes… Minutes turn to hours…
It's a wonder your body hasn't gone into shock from the constant pain. This woman is ruthless. Your body has developed welts, bruises, and open wounds. You've been cut, beaten, lashed, and humiliated. It's hard to tell, but you're pretty sure at least one rib, three fingers, and two toes are broken. Even still, your spirit doesn't wane, and your tormentor is growing weary.
The woman has you by your collar, glaring at your disoriented expression. "You have but one last chance, worm," she hisses. From a nearby fireplace, she picks up an iron hook that had been sitting in the burning embers for God knows how long. The metal is glowing bright orange as she brings it close to your face. A last wave of fear runs through you as you feel the heat radiating from it, doing your damnedest not to let it touch you.
At that moment, you hear a deep voice from the doorway, "Elizaveta, that's enough."
The woman whose name is apparently Elizaveta
:icontealinia93:Tealinia93 19 20


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2) All work including subjects/items above PG-13 require a mature filter. Nudity, drug use, and excessive gore are too mature for younger members. Some blood, kissing, or gun fighting is okay without a mature filter.

3) Do NOT spam the group.

4) Trolls are not tolerated and will be banned.

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2) No same universe merging like Spider-man/the Hulk. These are not crossovers.

3) Please state what the crossover is in the title or author's note of your submission.

4) Folders marked with a #1 are for Cross-over Art, while folders marked with a #2 are for Cross-over Fan-Fics.

5) Reader Inserts are accepted. (Reader Inserts are a cross-over between the real world and a fictional world)
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